Vivo Y21 Price And Features


The new Vivo Y21 is an advanced phone which was recently introduced by the company, the manufacturing arm of Nokia. The smartphone sports an augmented reality technology and offers a unique blend of multiple functions and features. Apart from its multi functional features, it also comes with a gorgeous feature and looks quite sleek and attractive. If you are planning to buy this handset, here are few tips for buying it online. vivo y21

One of the most striking features of this smartphone is its amazing dual camera capability which is provided by the OBB software suite. The smartphone comes with an eight mega pixel camera sensor which has an auto focus as well as a bright flash. The Vivo Y21 can shoot videos and photos in High Definition Format. You can also shoot in 3 Mega-pixels and get an excellent result.

The Vivo Y21 comes with a dual LCD screen that has been equipped with Sony Ericsson’s Helix image sensor. This sensor allows the smartphone to track which object is in focus. It also helps the phone to take a shot in the right position and with proper lighting. The handset has a total of six. 1951-inch screen size and hence can support high density business apps. On the other hand, the Android operating system of the smartphone is designed specifically for this device and does not support apps that have normal sizes.

The Vivo Y21 also comes with a large capacity memory card which is expandable. The phone also comes with a micro SD card that is suitable for HD pictures. The handset comes with a 16 mega pixel camera with infrared camera detection and offers great pictures. The handset features a large user-friendly interface that allows the users to easily navigate through various options on the phone. Apart from this, it has a well protected connectivity with wifi access, bluetooth, MMS, GPS, USB, wifi, HID, EDGE and USB modem.

One of the main highlights of the Vivo Y21 is its high resistance to shock as it is covered with hard coating. However, the phone suffers from some delays in the booting process. The phone also runs on the Android 11.4 Jellybean operating system. The software of the handset is mainly based on Android O and so you can get the latest update through online mode. The major features of the Vivo Y21 are:

The Vivo Y21 price is around the RMB 699 which makes it one of the most attractive smartphone. You can get this handset in black, white, pink or blue colour. It can be a great investment as it is one of the most advanced handsets from HTC which features high quality technology.

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