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Gambling has become epidemic as local and state governments have opted to use lotteries to increase revenue. They have opened the way for the casinos and slots to saturate our society with a “Get Rich Quick” mentality. Now with the internet and the open acceptance of gambling; many individuals squander their resources and they and their families suffer the crushing consequences. If this reminds you of someone who is hooked, I suggest you help that one find help with a trained professional. This addiction is as difficult to break as seeking to overcome a drug habit.

You may not be a gambler with cash, but we all have been gamblers at some time in our lives- not in the forms of cash bets placed or in the slots at the casinos or lottery tickets-but with our health.

When we take our health for granted, when we eat foods that are not good for our cardio system or continually overeat more than we should, we are gambling with our lives. If the doctor says we should eat healthier and eat less, and we don’t take his advice, them we are gambling with our health. The real issue is how long will we gamble with our health by misusing our bodies? Constant late night binges and a lack of exercise; or any day when we do not invest in our health, is a day spent gambling with our lives, whether we admit it or not. When we carry excess weight around we gamble that we won’t have a heart attack, or our blood pressure won’t rise. sexybaccarat

Yes, we have all sometimes during our lives been certified gamblers. The worst thing about gambling with our health is that we can never win. The fruit of neglect is a breakdown, not a breakthrough. The odds are against us if we do not exercise and are careless with our diet. We are heading down the road to physical bankruptcy. I don’t care how wealthy you are or how much money you win in the casinos; no one is wealthy enough to gain back their health once it is lost. If you want to be a winner, don’t gamble with your health. Our health is not to be gambled with-neither are the resources given to us to meet our families needs and bless others.



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